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A Single Solution for Platform, Content, Collaboration and Content Development



VSCHOOLZ is a complete learning ecosystem; a single vendor solution for platform, content, hosting and professional development.  Built from scratch around a single congruent vision, the various components that comprise the VSCHOOLZ environment are designed to work tightly together to create synergies that are just not possible with legacy platforms or solutions cobbled together via various acquisitions and mergers.

Feature Improved Learning
Standards mapping at the learning and assessment object level
  • Validating that each concept is mastered
  • Customizable individualized development plan
  • Differentiated Instruction
Digital content/activities & authoring, importing & arranging tools
  • Best of breed curriculum
  • Build or import content from any source
  • Customize pedagogy for best effect
Real-time class and individual analytics dashboard
  • Awareness of each students needs
  • Time on task tracking (ability vs. effort issues)
  • Preemtive intervention – mitigate credit recovery
  • Discern which content creates best results
3D classrooms, virtual labs and field trips
  • Improve student engagement/participation
  • Improve student satisfaction/retention
  • Enable collaboration in any environment
Safe integrated email, forums and community support network
  • More collaborative learning
  • Public rewards and recognition
  • Inclusion of parents, coaches and tutors

Rather than tell you about all of the features that the VSCHOOLZ environment has in common with other learning platforms, we thought it might be better to focus on what makes our solution unique and why the VSCHOOLZ founding educators and investors were compelled to create a new kind of learning environment.    Before you are the five most salient and unique features of the VSCHOOLZ comprehensive solution and to the right of each are bullet points explaining why this feature empowers superior learning outcomes.


VSCHOOLZ is comprised of teachers and administrators from the K12 market and brings tremendous firsthand experience to the practice however, we are also passionate about reinventing the classroom.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for clients to experience and to deliver a first class virtual or blended program which will develop 21st Century Skills for students and teachers.

Higher Education

Building on our primary education foundation has lead to offerings to the higher education market for our Blended Learning Management System.  This ecosystem promotes instructors to customize their content and to use this easy interface to inform students of their progress and how to use available resources.

Content Development

When schools need content developed they come to VSCHOOLZ!  Whether you need core classes, unusual electives or anything in between VSCHOOLZ content development department is here to work for you on your project.  We are a contract based provider that works with your staff to deliver the best possible content mapped to whatever standards are needed and tied to the objectives you require.  Our team understands blended learning, mixed modality delivery, virtual worlds, video based learning, mobile learning and virtual & physical labs and how to create compelling learning across all strategies.

Teacher Development

The transition to digitally enabled classrooms can be overwhelming and VSCHOOLZ recognizes the importance of teacher development to ensure a smooth transition and that optimum return on the investment is realized.  Teachers will have more time to teach and students will receive better quality instruction when new technologies are properly implemented.  It is our mission to provide teachers with training and support as well as instruction on the new procedures needed to master this new environment.