Jemez Mountain School District announces new digital initiative beginning this fall
using the VSCHOOLZ eLearning solutions.

May 29th 2012 – Coral Springs, FL – Jemez Mountain School District announced today that they will be launching a new digital initiative within their school using the South Florida based e-Learning solutions company VSCHOOLZ. Jemez Mountain School District’s selection of the VSCHOOLZ model demonstrates their commitment to providing all students a 21st century education.

“The decision to develop a new program is to provide students with a more flexible learning environment and to offer students who have dropped out or who do not do well in a regular school setting another option in getting an education. I believe that VSCHOOLZ virtual program offers the curriculum needed in particular for rural schools students to excel in this high tech-global system. We want our students to be prepared to go on to the next level of education and be able to compete. We are very proud to partner with VSCHOOLZ,” said Dr. Manuel Medrano, Superintendent for Jemez Mountain School District.

“Digital learning and online content is more than a canned course or an e-reader. The VSCHOOLZ partnership with Jemez Mountain School District provides the school administration with technology, customizable digital curriculum, and ongoing support so that students and teachers are able to experience the highest quality blended learning environment. By incorporating multiple publishers and
partnerships with technology leaders, it means we are able to deliver a wide variety of digital courseware and resources to meet each learner’s needs,” said Trina Trimm, VSCHOOLZ Chief Operating Officer.

About Jemez Mountain School District
Located in Gallina, New Mexico, Jemez Mountain School District’s mission is to have all students possess problem solving skills, analytical skills, critical thinking skills, and synthesizing skills before graduation.

About VSCHOOLZ, Inc.
VSCHOOLZ was founded by a team of educators to provide e-learning solutions for schools or districts that want to support a blended digital learning environment in traditional schools or that want to launch their own virtual programs. As a member of the H. Education family, a H. Wayne Huizenga Holdings company, VSCHOOLZ is able to provide strong levels of support in the depth and breadth of site implementation for schools and districts. Powered by VSCHOOLZ gives schools or districts a fully integrated, customizable classroom management platform that allows teachers to edit,
change, remove or adapt high quality content provided to fit their individualized classroom and school needs. All courses come complete with fully customizable interactive and engaging student activities, as well as, supplemental online resources. The lessons are delivered in a safe and user-friendly online environment, which incorporates collaborative tools, message boards, digital drop boxes, chat rooms and teacher-to teacher file sharing. This new approach to education caters to the digital learner of all ages.

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