October 3rd, 2012 – Three Rivers, Michigan – Heartwood Academy announced today that they will be launching a new digital initiative using the Coral Springs, Florida based e-Learning solutions company, VSCHOOLZ. Heartwood Academy’s selection of the VSCHOOLZ model demonstrates their commitment to providing all students a 21st century education.

Director Gretchen Andersen stated, “Heartwood’s biggest commodity is helping students achieve their goals. This is being accomplished through the many facets of learning; which includes taking required courses, extracurricular activities and volunteer service in the community. The academy is now expanding into 21st century curriculum by offering students in grades 1-12 a new choice in learning. Our teachers are looking forward to reaching out and helping students attain their educational goals through the use of technology and interaction with live support and instruction. Heartwood’s Online Program will benefit a variety of students including those who need credit recovery, want accelerated courses (AP) to earn college credits, are on medical leave from school, homeschoolers looking for teacher based instruction online, and those whose families are not year round residents at one address. All courses are aligned with Common Core and state standards. The first registration period begins October 5th and will close on October 26th, with classes starting November 5th. The next registration period will be from November 1st through November 23rd and classes will begin on December 3rd.”

“Digital learning and online content is more than a canned course or an e-reader. Students will be just as bored with an e-textbook as they are with a hard copy textbook. The VSCHOOLZ partnership with Heartwood Academy provides the school administration with technology, curriculum, and ongoing support so that students and teachers are able to experience the highest quality blended learning environment. By incorporating multiple publishers and partnerships with technology leaders, it means we are able to deliver a wide variety of digital courseware and resources to meet each learner’s needs,” said VSCHOOLZ Chief Operating Officer, Trina Angelone Trimm.

About Heartwood Academy
HEARTWOOD RENAISSANCE ACADEMY opened in August 2000 as a Grade 7-12 Christian nondenominational school. Over 200 students have attended our classes and received top honors in local, district, and state events. Our teachers are state certified, criminal background checked, and hold Bachelor and Master degrees of education. Our goal is to encourage dreams to become paths to realities. The four programs the Academy now offers are on-site classes for grades 7-12, on-site tutoring for grades 3-12, online classes for grades 1-12, and high school credit recovery through online courses. Check our website http://www.heartwoodmichigan.org for information and registration for these opportunities or call the academy at 269-273-0160.