Blended Learning Ecosystem

Technology, Content and Services to Improve Learning Outcomes

VSCHOOLZ is the first comprehensive blended learning ecosystem built from scratch for the new learning paradigm. The Instructional Design Center enables educators to build, import and arrange learning objects and assessments mapped to standards empowering real-time analytics and individualized learning plans.

Too often students are promoted to the next grade ill-equipped to take on the challenges of the next grade just because they scored the minimum grade needed to pass a class. It is the lack of scaffolding critical competencies that cause students to become frustrated and leave school. Teachers want to help but they are unable to isolate the areas where students are missing key skills…until now. VSCHOOLZ recognizes that schools need to do more with fewer resources so we created a system that identifies the unique gaps each student has and what needs to be retaught to assure comprehension of a topic.

VSCHOOLZ is the leading provider of a “Complete Digital School System” for Public and Private Online education. Our new, simple to use technology provides administrators with the ability to open their own “Virtual School-in-a-Box” in weeks, not months. Schools, districts and individual teachers now have the ability to choose multiple sources of content based on demographic effectiveness and customize coursework to meet the needs of their students each day. This is at the root of quality teaching and learning, regardless of learning environment, either physical building or online.

The Learning Management System

The Learning Management System houses the comprehensive student data profiles, registration and enrollment details, the e-commerce functions, student tracking, and security access levels for all personnel.

Learning Objects Repository

Every authoring teacher has access to the Learning Objects Repository allowing them to customize lessons using this interactive media library.

Essential Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to be a quality, interactive classroom alternative while incorporating 21st century skills and standards.

Administrative Reporting Center

The Administrative Reporting Center was designed around the desire to “Pick-N-Click” real-time data.

Student Information System

The Student Information System provides registration, class enrollment, and data collection that integrates with the Student Interactive Dashboard.

Teacher Commons

The Teacher Commons allows teachers to utilize a data driven selection process in choosing curriculum based on actual student demographics and outcomes.

Teacher Authoring Center

The unique authoring tools allow teachers to design, customize or revise the courseware for delivery to their students.

Virtual Enrollments

VSCHOOLZ offers schools the ability to provide credit recovery and accelerated curriculum paths to existing and new students and Virtual Enrollments.

Digital Classrooms

Digital Classrooms provide open access to all curriculum for every student and teacher in the system, all for one flat fee.


Administrators get:

  • A proven solution for online accreditation (SACS – AdvancED)
  • Quality curriculum including complete core and AP classes
  • Self contained single source solution
  • Real-time and accurate state, district, school, class and student performance reports
  • Accountability to state and national education standards
  • Centralized access control to Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Staff development
  • Opportunity for regional recruiting
  • Immediate ability to offer increased course offerings
  • Economies of scale
  • Cost effective growth solution
  • Increased employee productivity and morale
  • Data driven decision making

Teaching and Learning

Teachers get:

  • Auto-Authoring with a dynamic platform for customizing lessons with comfortable composition and interactive applications
  • Measurement for each course modification against national and state standards-with assessment mapping
  • Secure email and live chat rooms for student roundtables and study sessions
  • Fully interactive Teacher Dashboard with one-click access to student data and virtual grade books
  • Digital Teacher Training plus an online interactive multimedia library and resources
  • Access to our Teacher Support Line
  • Ability to share resources and proven methodologies with other teachers
  • Real-time updating of lesson plans including ability to “add” to living object repository
  • Teacher Commons – a dedicated communications center where teachers share course content, classroom techniques, and experience


Students get:

  • Individualized self-paced courses
  • An option to learn at an accelerated pace
  • Courses for credit recovery to maintain their graduation track
  • Opportunity for credit enrichment
  • Supplemental classes
  • A mobile educational solution satisfying their schedule
  • A dynamic home schooled or medically bound solution
  • Interactive Student Dashboard provides class access, current transcripts, grades, and secure digital drop box for submitting assignments
  • Time management and organizational tools with a social networking platform for interactive classroom discussions

Parents/Guardians get:

  • Quality education in a safe environment
  • Real-time progress reports available online and/or emailed
  • Increased access to course performance
  • Interactive meetings with teachers and technology support
  • Webinars on current online education topics
  • Scheduling options

Analysis and Reports

We tell our students that knowledge is power.  This is especially true in the teacher profession.  It is exponentially easier to improve learning outcomes once we have the right data laid out before us. VSCHOOLZ is unique in that it is the only BLMS available today that provides real-time standards-based analytics.  All other available platforms say they do this but, in fact, they can only produce  end-of-unit or term analysis.  Why is this important?  Because the-end-of-term is too late to affect learning outcomes.  Individualized or differentiated learning is only possible when a teacher is armed with real-time information about each student.  These reports create the “awareness” of each student’s needs that is required to effectively target the teacher’s time and learning resources.


VSCHOOLZ analytics encompass much more than standards reporting.   For example, modality/content type is tracked.  Does student Johnny do better when presented with video content or interactive web content?  Group activities or individual activities?  Have pre-requisites been achieved?  At what level of rigor?  Time-on-task is tracked because it is important for a teacher to know if Johnny’s poor performance is caused by a lack of ability or a lack of effort.  This knowledge enables Johnny’s teacher to select the appropriate and most effective intervention.

No matter whether you are a teacher, administrator or district superintendant, you will be able to get the information you need from VSCHOOLZ.  Analytics can be organized by student, class, teacher or school.  VSCHOOLZ is the right information at the right moment to effectively manager and continuously improve your class, your school or your district.


  • Real-time data and analytics available by student, class, course, item and content standard
  • Disaggregated data reporting
  • Student performance levels
  • Student vPortfolio available for alternate assessment

Instructional Design

Our extraordinary Instructional Design Center includes:

  • Content Repository
  • Learning Object Library for course development options
  • Test/Quiz/Assignments Development Features
  • Full drill down learning item analysis, creating the ability to adjust curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of specific students, schools, and teachers


The value of even the most powerful learning management systems today can be rendered practically useless if the curriculum and assessments being used do not support learning objects mapped to relevant standards.  Traditional text books that have been converted into e-readers don’t even begin to achieve this teaching discipline.  No matter whether your teachers prefer to create and use their own content, follow a publisher’s curriculum verbatim or customize their master class using learning objects from many sources, VSCHOOLZ gives them exactly what they need.

Our extraordinary Instructional Design Center includes:


Teachers can 1) design or upload their own content and assessments mapping each concept and test question to a standard.  Or, 2) teachers can use VSCHOOLZ’ HMH curriculum where we have everything already converted into learning objects, mapped to Common Core Standards and ready to go.   Or, 3) teacher’s don’t have to settle for just one approach.  They can start with a publisher’s curriculum and easily insert their own or OER material as needed.  Content, assessments and activities can be imported and mapped from any source.

With VSCHOOLZ, teacher’s can mix and match objects to achieve a master class or individual learning plan that is just right for their students.  As we all know, content from a single publisher can have both very good and not so good sections and activities.  With VSCHOOLZ, teachers can select best of breed content sections from any source, mix and match it with their own to create a uniquely effective master class.  No matter whether they teach at an inner city school or on an Indian reservation, a remedial or honors class, teachers can customize their class for their particular audience and setting.

Beyond enabling teachers to select and start with the right content and activity mix, VSCHOOLZ also provides the analytics that can help teachers evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of the content and activities they have selected.  Teachers can see objects are most effective for which learners.  For example, teachers may discover that using a particular video from Kahn Academy before or in place of other content yields better outcomes.  With VSCHOOLZ teacher have what they need to continuously improve their pedagogy and to evaluate the effectiveness of new content and activities that become available.

There are multiple forms of assessments in use in the online school program. Students complete assignments in multiple choice, short answers, short response, extended response and major essay/papers formats. In addition, students take quizzes, check questions, post responses to prompts onto the message board, complete projects and research papers and take tests which may or may not be computer scored.

The Teacher Authoring Center offers state of the art technology for creating interactive and challenging lessons built to national standards, but with complete capacity to redevelop coursework to the best practices and talents of an individual teacher.  If teachers are comfortable with writing lessons in a traditional WORD format, our platform has the latest online technology tools for making the coursework “pop” with engaging resources for greater student comprehension, retention and performance.

Seasoned administrators know that most teachers shy away from using tools that are overly complex or laborious.  Time is a precious resource and even the best tools will go unutilized if they are non-intuitive or require difficult learning curves.  Designed by real teachers, the VSCHOOLZ interface is amazing, graphic and intuitive.  Teachers can import and modify their content as easily as making a PowerPoint® slide.  They can copy and paste content from any source, even web pages, directly into a new learning objects.   And they can rearrange content or entire sections on the fly simply by dragging and dropping.

The instructional Design Center makes it quick and easy for teachers to create their master class and individual learning plans and to experiment with the order in which content and activities are introduced.  This provides teachers with amazing flexibility.   For example, a standardized test is coming up and the teacher needs to make sure certain material is covered prior to testing?  No problem for teachers using VSCHOOLZ.  Lesson plans can easily be rearranged.   And most important, unlike legacy LMS platforms today that break links to standards when content is moved, VSCHOOLZ content and activity links remain firmly in place regardless of the order in which they are introduced, assuring teachers that all standards are being met.

Social Learning

Students learn through relationships formed with teachers, other students, parents and coaches.  VSCHOOLZ provides a secure technology for that network to be formed and users to safely communicate, share ideas and bring new, authorized users into the discussion.  Our technology has similar to some of the popular social media sites making it easy to relate to however, the unprotected sites open students up to privacy issues and potential cyber stalking that would never happen with VSCHOOLZ.

At VSCHOOLZ, we understand that it really does “take a village” to fully support young learners.  Students need all of the help, cheer leading and coaching they can get.  VSCHOOLZ enables an online community of such supporters connecting parents, teachers, classmates, coaches, etc.  Safe and secure, VSCHOOLZ empowers a private network just for your school.  You decide who is invited to be a part of each student’s community and what get’s monitored.


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