1. Many professors are turning to Facebook to have students work together to discuss core concepts.

2. Youtube has many free videos that can reinforce the lesson of the day. Have you used Youtube to reinforce a lesson or teach your kids?

3. Have a great idea for a guest speaker, but want to avoid airfare costs? Use Skype.

4. Use technology to stay on top of your schedule and your assignments.

5. Government sources and educational institutions put a lot of their data and resources online. Utilize it. For example, the Thomas system allows you to read the text of Congressional legislation.

6. Forget to ask a professor a question during class? Unable to wait after class? Send an email.

7. Check multiple sources when doing research online. The Bicholim Conflict was a fake war, but its Wikipedia page stayed up for 5 years.

8. Stay informed. Teachers, read blogs related to the education industry to improve your lessons and methods. Students can read blogs related to the news and their coursework.