VschoolZ Online

VSCHOOLZ was founded by a team of educators and technology specialists to provide e-learning solutions for schools or districts that want to launch their own virtual programs or support a blended learning environment in traditional schools. Teaching and learning with VSCHOOLZ is a process. The platform is a COMPREHENSIVE DIGITAL SYSTEM, focusing on the ultimate user experience. The platform provides administrators and teachers with access to real time analytical reporting, accurate monitoring of student performance, and analysis of assessments and other content components.  Powered by VSCHOOLZ provides a fully integrated customizable platform that allows teachers to edit, modify, re-sequence, and adapt content to fit their individualized classroom and school needs under the guidance of district best practices.

All courses come complete with fully customizable interactive and engaging student activities, e-texts, assignments, quizzes and tests, and are delivered in a safe and user-friendly online environment. Through the incorporation collaborative tools such as message boards, digital drop boxes, chats, and teacher to teacher file sharing, VSCHOOLZ offers a comprehensive approach to e-learning. This second generation approach to e-learning is based on the pedagogy of online instruction, which focuses on the individualized learning style of each student.

VSCHOOLZ provides all the tools, expertise, and training for clients to launch, establish, and grow a high functioning virtual school network. The VSCHOOLZ instructional design team has aligned all of the curricula to both the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) and the Common Core Standards (CCS). The system includes and supports a variety of assessments designed to diagnose student needs in terms of standards and benchmarks, as well as continually monitoring learning gains.  Students are able to demonstrate competencies through a variety of mechanisms ranging from computer-scored assessments to projects and virtual labs. VSCHOOLZ is able to offer our client districts an online platform and virtual curriculum complete with in-depth training and 24/7 support for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.